About Me

Son of a Sri Lankan fisherman who gets seasick!? What? Change of plans! I was the first boy in my family to go to school past the age of 11. My father said I had the hands of a manager and sent me to a private school. I was a young man with a dream of going far; I studied English for 2 hours a day after school with a monk who gave free lessons. After graduating with great marks I continued on to University; I was in my 1st year law when the Tsunami ravaged my country. Change of plans! My home, my town, my country is devastated; I began to volunteer with the American Red Cross as a translator; after a few months I became a project coordinator in Disaster Management and I won several awards. After the projects completion; I flew to Kandahar, Afghanistan to embark on a new journey as a NATO contractor to support the NATO mission. It was there that I met my dear wife, a Canadian girl who came over to work at the Tim Horton’s on the base to support the Canadian troops. Canada meets Sri Lanka in Afghanistan!! We worked there together for four years and then came back to Canada to start our lives in Alberta.

I have been working at Tim Horton’s and in a warehouse. I want to improve my life by continuing my education here in Canada to make my wife and family proud. Choose me to win the scholarship.


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