Thank you to all…

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Well everyone we gave it a good go but were not the winners! Here is the link to see the winners of the Lethbridge College Extreme Career Makeover I wish them all the best!

I am so happy for Greg as I could totally relate to his story, family is so important to me and so I wish him well. Go for the gold Greg! I can also be really happy for Kevin; my father in law always wanted to be a conservation officer but he too had a slight disability- his eye sight. Having suffered from the whopping cough as a baby his eyes were permanently damaged and it stopped him from following his top three career dreams: 1) a conservation officer 2) a police man 3) a pilot. Ironically, now that laser surgery has come so far he go 20/20 vision the year he retired after two surgeries. I am glad that Kevin will get the support he needs to overcome his challenges and realize his dreams.

Now for the Thanks Yous!

My voters: the contest details stated that there were over 60,000 votes over the course of the two week contest and they came from over 80 different countries…that would be you guys! I know that I had my trusty Canadian voters but I am sure most of those international votes were for me! I feel really blessed to be surrounded by so many kind and supportive people all over the world.

My wife: for finding the advertisement for this contest, for encouraging me, for being my winglady always!

Judy Reid: after I dropped out of the top 4 in the first week, I received an email from Judy with several ideas on how to promote myself for the contest, hence this blog, the FB page, the about me page. Judy is the one who did all the lovely graphics for this blog and she pretty much just impresses the hell out of me and Jen. It was so fun exploring social media and really reaching OUT to folks to get the votes.

Pastor Ed:
the contest makers asked for a couple of testimonials to be on the camera and he donated his Sunday afternoon to speaking on the camera about me and reenacting a scenario depicting some of the volunteer work I participate in at the church. Then he invited me to participate in his message at church one day. Click the link to hear the podcast It was pretty great being part of the message that day and this whole experience has changed my perspective on some of the events in my life. I realized that no matter what happens; I am resilient, I am cared for, I am blessed.

Dominique Goineau:
another testimonial, he was passing through Calgary to go from BC back to QC and when he heard that we needed people to say great things about me on tape for this great contest he stayed an extra couple of days so he could help. He coached me on how to speak on camera and he helped clean our whole house with Jen to make the house perfect for the camera, and he baked totally delicious cookies so the house smelt amazing when the videographers came. Here are the links:

Jim and Megan McNally : they did the videos! Wow, is all I can say, all the videos were super great. We pretty much felt like superstars walking out of second cup several times and around the superstore car park. You could tell people were wondering what was going on, ‘Who are these important people being videotaped?’ It was so cool seeing the behind the scenes of the video industry too. He and his daughter were so kind and so supportive and they really put me at ease to get over being camera shy. Thanks to you both!

Extreme Career Makeover Team:
I don’t know all your names, I spoke with Kasha and Carmen a lot but I am sure there are many more souls who made that very neat contest happen. Thank you for choosing me, thank you for supporting me through the process, you were nothing but helpful and professional through the whole process. Even though I was not a winner I am grateful that I had the chance to be apart of this contest.

A winner is a loser who never gives up…so I know I won in so many ways.

I don’t know if I might shut down the blog after this, we will see. I will have to find something different to write about..until then, this is me, over and out!



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