Who Am I Voting For? My Fellow Contestants…

Who are my Top 4?

When the voting opened and I saw all the videos, I almost wanted to step down. There stories were touching and heartfelt. Did you know there were over 400 applicants?  The judges had a huge job in narrowing it down to 10; I feel honoured to be chosen to take part in this contest.

Every hour except for the ones where I am sleeping I am voting for myself but also for 3 others. Firstly, I vote for Rebecca Labonte. I found her story very touching, she has a very sick child and wants to go into nursing. The nursing field is such an honourable job having been through all the surgeries with her son I am sure she would know just what people need to get through those tough nights in the hospital with a sick loved one. I wish her all the best.

I also vote for Greg Matt, he has a compelling story. I could relate to how he has three jobs and he works as much as he has to, to take care of his family and make ends meet. I am in his shoes in the sense that if I could get my Canadian education then I could be in a professional field and not have to work 30 hours a day (like he says) 6-7 days a week. His wife is sick and he has a family. I hope he wins so that he can spend more time with them.

My fourth vote gets divided amongst the others. Everyone has their story, I wish there was a way we could all win! The comforting fact is that whoever wins I will be O.K. with it. I  wish all my fellow contestants the best of luck in the second week.

top 4 02


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